Based in Munich.
“Depicting the magic behind an object is always my mission” says Bon. “Making dead material speak to the viewer is something I see as my virtual identity”. Bon, born 1978 in Munich is indeed one of the best still photographers around. He manages not only to put an object into light in the best possible technical way but also sets it alive.
Virtually growing up with a camera in his hand, coming from a family of photographers, Bon already started working in photography in his teenage years, holding exhibitions in different locations in his hometown. After studying photography in Munich, Bon assisted for many top level photographers on worldwide productions.
2004 Bon started working as freelance photographer. Since then he proofed his expertise for a long list of top exclusive clients. Creating high quality images is a duty for him: each customer deserves the same kind of passion and masterful work. Bon works with the top equipment available on the market, but from time to time he experiments with the most basic gear, such as Holga cameras – more or less just a plastic box and a lens – in order to let nature and his feeling get the maximum out of the material and turn it into a master piece.
In Bon’s owned New House Studios he creates the perfect environment for his work but he also loves to seek the challenge of unforeseeable influence of an object in its natural habitat.

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